Bài Mẫu Speaking IELTS Part 1: 15 Chủ Đề Phổ Biến

Nếu muốn đạt điểm cao trong bài thi IELTS Speaking, bạn cần tham khảo qua các bài mẫu Speaking IELTS Part 1. Để làm được điều này, bạn cần phải chuẩn bị và nắm được các câu hỏi có khả năng ra đề. Sau đây là một số bài mẫu Speaking IELTS Part 1 do Onluyen biên soạn, mời bạn tham khảo nhé!

Bài mẫu Speaking IELTS Part 1: Dream

Dưới đây là các câu hỏi thường gặp và câu trả lời mẫu cho chủ đề về những giấc mơ:

Speaking IELTS Part 1: Dream
Speaking IELTS Part 1: Dream

Do you enjoy having dreams?

Well, it depends on the type and content of my dreams. Some dreams are very pleasant and enjoyable, while others are very unpleasant and disturbing.I prefer dreams that are positive, inspiring, or amusing. When my dreams are negative, frightening, or upsetting, I dislike them.

For example, I enjoy having dreams about things I want to accomplish or experience in my life, such as traveling to a new location, meeting a famous person, or winning a prize.

Do you remember what you dreamed about?

Yes, I do recall the dream I had last night. It was incredibly realistic and bright. In my dream, I was on a stunning island with palm trees, azure skies, and white beach. I was reading a book while taking it easy in a hammock. I could hear the sound of the sea and the birds, and the weather was sunny and comfortable. 

This dream seems to be a reflection of my desire to travel and discover new places. I’ve always yearned to travel to a tropical island and take in the scenery and local culture.

Bài mẫu Speaking IELTS Part 1: Name

Tiếp là một chủ đề rất quen thuộc với các chiến binh IELTS, hãy cùng Onluyen tìm hiểu về ý nghĩa của những cái tên nào:

Speaking IELTS Part 1: Name
Speaking IELTS Part 1: Name

Is your name associated with any particular meaning?

Yes, my name does have a unique meaning. My name is Ánh, which means “bright” or “intelligent” in Vietnamese. My parents chose this name for me because they wanted me to have a bright future. 

I believe my name is appropriate for me since I am a happy and optimistic person who strives to learn new things and develop myself. I also enjoy that my name is simple to say and remember, and that it can be used for any gender. My name, I believe, symbolizes my personality and culture, and I am proud of it.

Is your given name common or uncommon in your country?

My name has a well-meaning, thus it has been fairly popular from the time I was born till today. However, it is not as well-known as some other names such as Trang, Anh, Huyen, and so on. When I’m at school, there are a lot of girls with the same name, which is pretty perplexing.

Is it simple to change your name in your own country?

No, I don’t think changing your name is easy in my country, Vietnam. According to the legislation, persons can alter their names only for legitimate reasons, such as marriage, divorce, adoption, or having an offensive, unlucky, or duplicated name. 

People who want to change their name must go through a rigorous and time-consuming process that includes submitting several paperwork, paying fees, and obtaining clearance from various agencies. The entire procedure can take months or even years to finish.

Speaking IELTS Part 1: Work/Study

Tiếp theo cũng là một trong những chủ đề rất phổ biến mà bạn có thể gặp trong kỳ thi IELTS Speaking Part 1:

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Speaking IELTS Part 1: Work/Study
Speaking IELTS Part 1: Work/Study

Are you employed or a student?

Currently, I work as a content writer on commission. I’ve been doing this kind of work for a year. However, given my university major is pedagogy, I am considering seeking for a teaching post at a language center in the future.

Why did you choose to undertake that sort of work?

First and foremost, it’s because I enjoy writing. I began writing stories in seventh grade and gradually improved my talents as well as my desire for being a penman throughout the years. Furthermore, while I am looking for full-time work as a teacher, I believe I could supplement my income with my hobbies.

Bài mẫu Speaking IELTS Part 1: Accommodation 

Tiếp là chủ đề “Accommodation” hãy cùng onluyen tìm hiểu nào:

Speaking IELTS Part 1: Accommodation 
Speaking IELTS Part 1: Accommodation

Do you live in a home or a flat?

My family and I live in a unit of a 25-story apartment complex. I like living there since all facilities and services are accessible by foot, so I can get anything I need in a matter of minutes.

Which is your favorite room in your home?

Without a doubt, my own bedroom. It’s my own zone where I can do anything I want without fear of being chastised by my mother. Furthermore, my bedroom is a great spot for me to escape noise, therefore I like to hide myself away in my bedroom whenever I need to focus on my studies.

Would you alter your home in any way?

Maybe I’ll increase the eating area. Because it is a popular gathering place for family members, I believe it would be beneficial if my home’s dining room were a bit larger.

Bài mẫu Speaking IELTS Part 1: Festivals

Chủ đề festival là một chủ đề liên quan đến những ngày lễ hội trong năm, như Tết, Giáng sinh, Halloween, hay những lễ hội đặc trưng của từng quốc gia và vùng miền. 

Speaking IELTS Part 1: Festivals
Speaking IELTS Part 1: Festivals

What is your favorite festival?

It’s difficult to pick just one because Vietnam has various festivals throughout the year. However, I would say that Tet holiday is my favorite. I may begin to create objectives and focus on accomplishing them.

In your nation, how do you celebrate festivals?

Even though Vietnamese people have diverse traditions for different festivals, food is usually an essential part of the celebrations, such as eating Chng cakes for Tet/Spring Festival and mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival. I believe this is due to an essential cultural belief that food is people’s primary requirement.

What kind of cuisine and activities do you have planned for these festivals?

For many holidays, we provide a plethora of cuisine and celebratory activities. Taking our country’s most important celebration, the Spring celebration, as an example, Chng cakes are the most traditional lucky meal that we have for it. We also enjoy watching the Spring Festival Gala on TV and having a family reunion around that time.

Bài mẫu Speaking IELTS Part 1: Watch

đồng hồ đeo tay, một vật dụng thông dụng và hữu ích trong cuộc sống. Hãy cùng tìm hiểu về chủ đề thú vị này ngay thôi nào:

Speaking IELTS Part 1: Watch
Speaking IELTS Part 1: Watch

Do you wear a watch?

Of course, yes. For starters, watches are quite handy since they tell the time and assist me in keeping track of responsibilities. In addition, being a fashion-conscious individual, timepieces provide visual appeal to my outfit. I have a variety of timepieces in various styles and patterns that I can mix and match with my clothing.

Has a watch ever been a present to you?

My mother gave me the watch I’m wearing right now. This is the reward I received for completing the university admission exam, which is one of the most crucial examinations in a student’s life. The watch I received was a Daniel Wellington automatic watch with a black leather band. I appreciate this watch because of its simplicity and adaptability; I can practically wear it to every event and with any dress.

Why do some individuals wear high-priced watches?

Most people believe that individuals buy expensive watches to show off. However, timepieces may provide you far more joy than superficial pretentiousness. Wristwatches may be a friend and a sentimental treasure for decades, and they can become valuable heirlooms. Furthermore, several watches have been part of historical milestones and occurrences, like the Speedmaster in space and the Rolex Explorer on Everest.

Bài mẫu Speaking IELTS Part 1: Talent

Đây là một chủ đề liên quan đến những kỹ năng, khả năng, hay sở trường mà bạn có hoặc muốn có, hãy tham khảo ngay các câu trả lời mẫu dưới đây nào:

Speaking IELTS Part 1: Talent
Speaking IELTS Part 1: Talent

Do you have a skill or something you excel at?

Yes. I feel I have a singing gift. I’ve been performing in performances and school functions since I was a child. Furthermore, I’m fairly strong at arithmetic; I can perform mental calculations rapidly and correctly, and I used to get a decent grade in Mathematics.

Was it something you learned lately or when you were younger?

I don’t believe I’d ever be able to perfect it, but I’ve always been quite musical. When I was three years old, my mother noticed my interest in music and enrolled me in singing lessons. These courses gave me a significant advantage in honing my vocal abilities. I have to confess that my math skill comes very effortlessly to me because I’ve never attended any lessons for mental calculations.

Do you believe your ability will be beneficial in your future work?

Yes, if I am dedicated to being a singer, singing may be utilized to earn a career, or it can be beneficial for family and corporate events. Also, the importance of mental arithmetic becomes clear when I need to add up invoices or perform difficult computations. Simply said, it makes life so much easier.

Bài mẫu Speaking IELTS Part 1: Mirrors

Đây là một chủ đề liên quan đến những chiếc gương, một vật dụng thông dụng và có nhiều ý nghĩa trong cuộc sống. 

Speaking IELTS Part 1: Mirrors
Speaking IELTS Part 1: Mirrors

Do you enjoy staring in the mirror at yourself?

I check myself in the mirror every day; I believe it’s the first thing most people do when they enter the bathroom because we usually have a flat mirror over the sink, right? So I believe that whenever any of us has to wash our hands, brush our teeth, or even go past the sink, we will automatically look in the mirror. I work as a teacher and must show myself in front of a large number of people, thus I want to seem decent. That’s why I have to check myself in the mirror to ensure my hair is neat, my face is maintained, and my clothing are wrinkle-free.

Do you always bring a mirror with you?

I don’t think so. I am cognizant of my appearance but not overly concerned with it; I also do not wear make-up, therefore I believe a small mirror is unnecessary. Of course, there are moments when I need to see myself in the mirror; in those cases, I just utilize my smartphone’s front camera or look at my reflection in the windows or glass doors of automobiles or buildings that I pass by. 

Would you design your room with mirrors?

Yes, I would design my room with mirrors. I think mirrors can make the room look bigger, brighter, and more elegant. I also like to see my reflection and check my appearance before going out. I would choose mirrors that match the style and color of my room, and place them in strategic positions to create a nice effect.

Bài mẫu Speaking IELTS Part 1: Sleep

Đây là một chủ đề liên quan đến thói quen, thời gian, lợi ích, và khó khăn của việc ngủ.

Speaking IELTS Part 1: Sleep
Speaking IELTS Part 1: Sleep

What is the amount of sleep that you receive each day?

It really depends on my job deadlines. Every day, I never go to bed at the same hour. When I have a deadline to fulfill, I have to stay up till insane hours and only get 4 or 5 hours of sleep. On the weekend, however, I can let my hair down and sleep in.

Do old people sleep a lot? Why?

I suppose so. I mean, these folks seem to prefer sleeping, but in most situations, they have to. When people approach old age, they frequently encounter a slew of health issues, such as heart disease or diabetes. As a result, getting a good night’s sleep is advantageous to their health.

How to have a good sleep?

I suppose various people have different ways of sleeping well. But, if you ask me, sipping chamomile tea before bedtime is quite useful. This tea will relax you and allow you to sleep peacefully.

Bài mẫu Speaking IELTS Part 1: Friendship

Chủ đề friendship là một chủ đề về những người bạn, những người mà bạn có thể chia sẻ, tâm sự, và vui chơi cùng.

Chủ đề Friendship
Speaking IELTS Part 1: Friendship

How important do you think your buddies are?

Friendship is really vital to me. They are the ones who understand me and assist me in getting through difficult moments. I recall having a lot on my plate and feeling stressed out as I was ready to graduate from university. My buddies assisted me in organizing my schedule so that I could complete all of my tasks. There’s no denying they’re individuals on whom I can count, and I wouldn’t be the same without them.

Do you frequently hang out with your ?

No, since we’re all up to our ears in work. We normally get together for dinner or drinks, and occasionally go to a movie or a performance. We also enjoy going to new locations together, such as trying a new restaurant or visiting a museum. We always have a good time, and it’s a terrific opportunity for us to remain in touch.

Where do you frequently meet?

Coffee shops are where I generally meet my friends, which is not unusual among current young people. Actually, we don’t have a favorite spot, so each time we get together, we go to a new café. We enjoy drinking coffee or our favorite drinks while catching up on each other’s lives. I must admit that due to our hectic schedules, we are unable to accomplish this on a regular basis.

Bài mẫu Speaking IELTS Part 1: Computer

Máy tính là một thiết bị công nghệ thông minh và hữu ích trong nhiều lĩnh vực của cuộc sống. Đây là một chủ đề có thể xuất hiện trong IELTS Speaking Part 1.

Speaking IELTS Part 1: Computer
Speaking IELTS Part 1: Computer

Under what circumstances would you use a computer?

Currently, numerous tasks must be done on a computer, therefore I use it for practically everything, whether I am on or off the clock. Researching information, composing and modifying papers, talking with pals, idly checking Facebook, and so on. 

What type of computing knowledge do you possess?

Of course, I am not a professional, but I consider myself computer-literate – at least enough to handle small software or hardware issues that arise with my computer. I also know how to install various applications for learning, working, or personal enjoyment.

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Bài mẫu Speaking IELTS Part 1: Advertisement

Đây là một chủ đề có thể xuất hiện trong IELTS Speaking Part 1, yêu cầu bạn trả lời về những loại, nơi, cảm xúc, ảnh hưởng, và ý kiến của bạn về quảng cáo.

Chủ đề Advertisement
Speaking IELTS Part 1: Advertisement

What sorts of commercials do you watch?

anything YouTube and TV chose to show me. The ones that leave the most of an effect on me are generally automotive or beauty advertising. There are also commercials for household appliances, food, toys, and so on. In this day and age, almost anything can be promoted.

Where can you find commercials?

Advertisements come in a variety of forms and may be found virtually anyplace. When you go down the street, you’ll notice odd posters and banners of the latest plays on the walls of houses, as well as LED screens and billboards promoting pricey purses and accessories. You may see photos and videos of viral commercial slogans when you turn on any TV station or go into a website, such as Facebook. Essentially, ads are pervasive in all aspects of our life.

When you saw anything promoted, did you ever buy it?

As a skeptic, I tend to distrust the sincerity and authenticity of ads. However, there are times when I purchase a product because someone I like or respect endorses it. Really, just once or twice, and only when my bank account permits it.

Bài mẫu Speaking IELTS Part 1: Clothes

quần áo, một vật dụng cần thiết và thể hiện phong cách của mỗi người. Đây là một chủ đề có thể được hỏi trong IELTS Speaking Part 1.

Speaking IELTS Part 1: Clothes
Speaking IELTS Part 1: Clothes

What kind of clothes do you typically wear?

Everything relies on my schedule. I am quite secure in my slim shape, therefore I prefer to wear tight-fitting clothes to relaxed situations like hanging out with friends or going for a leisurely stroll. However, because I want to seem professional in a formal setting, I normally wear dresses, shirts, or jeans to work. 

Do you believe that clothing are significant to people?

Clothes, in my opinion, play an important function in revealing a person’s fashion sense as well as their financial standing. The way individuals mix and match products, in particular, reveals how stylish and perhaps affluent they are. 

Did you have any specific outfits to wear as a child?

Actually, I wasn’t fussy at all. My mother purchased all of my clothing when I was a child, and I didn’t care what I wore as long as it was comfortable enough for me to play with my friends. 

Bài mẫu Speaking IELTS Part 1: Art

Đây là một chủ đề về nghệ thuật, một lĩnh vực sáng tạo và đa dạng của con người. Để trả lời cho chủ đề này, bạn cần có một số từ vựng và ngữ pháp để miêu tả các loại, phong cách, ý nghĩa, và cảm xúc của bạn về nghệ thuật.

Chủ đề Art
Speaking IELTS Part 1: Art

Do you like art?

To be honest, I enjoy art because it is abstract and lovely. Some individuals believe that staring at a painting for hours is too sophisticated and distasteful. However, I am quite interested in such things since looking at a unique work of art from a different viewpoint offers me an entirely new experience every time.

Do you frequently visit art galleries?

As a cultural vulture, I’m always on the lookout for new art exhibits in my city. There are only a handful because the majority of Hanoi’s galleries feature antique displays and historical-themed artworks, which I find tiresome. Like most people my age, I enjoy viewing chosen collections of modern art, and the Vincom Center for Contemporary Art, which is near my home, may provide just that.

Which types of paintings are popular?

To be honest, aesthetic preferences might differ from person to person. But one thing we can all agree on is that Renaissance paintings, such as the Mona Lisa, are the most popular, either for their unparalleled virtuosity or for their eternal appeal. That is not the case for me, however, because, as previously said, I love avant-garde pieces.

Bài mẫu Speaking IELTS Part 1: Food

Đây là một chủ đề về thức ăn, một nhu cầu thiết yếu và một phần của văn hóa của mỗi quốc gia và vùng miền.

Chủ đề Food
Speaking IELTS Part 1: Food

What is your favorite food?

Desserts are a favorite of mine since I have a sweet taste. If I had to pick only one, it would be cheesecakes. I normally use a recipe I found on the internet. It includes a lot of components, but the method is simple. I normally bake cheesecakes for my family after supper on special occasions.

What are some of your country’s traditional foods?

Because Vietnam has a diverse cultural heritage, there are many different varieties of traditional foods. Chung cake, hot beef noodle soup, and sticky rice are just a few examples. Actually, each location has its own uniqueness, however I feel that among other foods, Pho is the most popular. It’s really well-seasoned and may be served at any time of day.

Do you like tasting new food?

As a foodie, I say yes. I’ve always wanted to try new foods. Every cuisine has its own distinct characteristics, and it would be fantastic if we could sample some of the local cuisine. It’s not just about the flavor, but also about the underlying message behind such foods.

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