Dream IELTS Speaking Part 1: Bài Mẫu Kèm Từ Vựng Ăn Điểm

Dream IELTS Speaking Part 1 là một chủ đề thú vị và thường xuất hiện khi đi thi. Nếu gặp phải chủ đề này thì đây chính là cơ hội cho bạn để thể hiện khả năng sử dụng từ vựng, ngữ pháp của bản thân. Dưới đây là một số bài mẫu kèm từ vựng chi tiết mà bạn có thể tham khảo để gia tăng điểm số của mình!

Dream IELTS Speaking Part 1: Do you enjoy having dreams?

Well, it depends on the type and content of my dreams. Some dreams are very pleasant and enjoyable, while others are very unpleasant and disturbing.I prefer dreams that are positive, inspiring, or amusing. When my dreams are negative, frightening, or upsetting, I dislike them.

For example, I enjoy having dreams about things I want to accomplish or experience in my life, such as traveling to a new location, meeting a famous person, or winning a prize.

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Do you enjoy having dreams?
Do you enjoy having dreams?

Từ vựng cần biết: 

  • Pleasant (a): Dễ chịu
  • Disturbing (a): Phiền phức
  • Amusing (a): Vui vẻ, giải trí
  • Frightening (a): Đáng sợ
  • Accomplish (v): Hoàn thành

Dreams IELTS Speaking Part 1: Can you recall the dream you had?

Yes, I do recall the dream I had last night. It was incredibly realistic and bright. In my dream, I was on a stunning island with palm trees, azure skies, and white beach. I was reading a book while taking it easy in a hammock. I could hear the sound of the sea and the birds, and the weather was sunny and comfortable. 

This dream seems to be a reflection of my desire to travel and discover new places. I’ve always yearned to travel to a tropical island and take in the scenery and local culture.

Từ vựng cần biết:

  • Recall (v): Nhớ lại
  • Stunning island: Hòn đảo tuyệt đẹp
  • Azure skies: Bầu trời xanh
  • Hammock (n): Cái võng
  • Tranquil (a): yên tĩnh
  • Reflection (n): Sự tưởng phản
  • Desire (n): Khao khát
  • Yearned (a): Khao khát

Dream IELTS Speaking Part 1: Do you tell people about your dreams?

Yes, I occasionally share my dreams with others, especially if they are interesting, funny, or meaningful. I believe that sharing dreams is a good way to connect with others and learn more about them. It can also be entertaining to compare and contrast various dreams to see how they relate to each other’s personalities, experiences, or cultures.

For example, I frequently discuss my dreams with my best friend, who is also interested in dream interpretation. We enjoy debating the possible meanings of our dreams and determining whether they have any relevance to our current situations or goals. Sometimes we find patterns or similarities in our dreams that reflect our shared interests or values.

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Do you tell people about your dreams?
Do you tell people about your dreams?

Từ vựng vựng cần biết:

  • Occasionally (adv): Thỉnh thoảng
  • Meaningful (a): Ý nghĩa
  • Entertaining (a): Giải trí
  • Discuss (v): Thảo luận
  • Interpretation (n): Sự diễn giải
  • Determine (v): Xác định
  • Patterns (n) Khuôn mẫu
  • Similarity (n): Sự tương đồng

Dreams IELTS Speaking Part 1: Do you believe that dreams have special meanings?

Well, I believe that dreams may have many meanings depending on the individual and the circumstance. Some individuals think that their dreams are messages from their subconscious mind, or even from a greater power, revealing their secret thoughts, feelings, anxieties, or wishes. They may consult dream interpretation books or websites to learn the symbolic meanings of their dreams and apply them to their daily lives.

Others, on the other hand, believe that dreams are just random pictures and sensations generated by the brain while sleeping. They might not pay much attention to their dreams or try to interpret them.

Từ vựng cần biết:

  • Circumstance (n): Hoàn cảnh
  • Subconscious (a): Tiềm thức  
  • Reveal (v): Tiết lộ
  • Consult (v): Tham khảo
  • Pay much attention to: Chú ý nhiều đến
  • Interpret (v): Hiểu

Dreams IELTS Speaking Part 1: Do you believe dreams have an impact on life?

I believe we are all aware of the significance of dreams. Dreams inspire us to continue forward and conquer barriers in order to realize ourselves.  Dreams are only out of grasp when individuals lack passion and patience, as well as life goals. To be honest, I feel sorry for anyone who lives without a dream because they will never know what they are capable of or how dreams may mold them.

Do you believe dreams have an impact on life?
Do you believe dreams have an impact on life?

Từ vựng cần biết:

  • Conquer barriers: Vượt qua rào cản
  • Be out of grasp: Không nắm bắt được
  • Be capable of: Có khả năng
  • Mold (v): Nhào nặn

Trên đây là một số câu trả lời mẫu kèm từ vựng của chủ đề Dream IELTS Speaking Part 1. Mong rằng bài viết này sẽ cung cấp cho bạn nhiều kỹ năng để chuẩn bị tốt hơn. Bạn có thể tham khảo thêm về các khóa học của Edmicro IELTS để có quá trình luyện thi tốt nhất nhé!

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