Advertisement IELTS Speaking: Bài Mẫu Và Từ Vựng Band

Advertisement IELTS Speaking là một chủ đề phổ biến và xuất hiện rất nhiều. Bởi quảng cáo là một ngành công nghiệp khổng lồ trên thế giới. Bạn hãy tham khảo ngay bài viết dưới đây để trau dồi thêm những ý tưởng và từ vựng cần thiết cho chủ đề thú này nha!

Advertisement IELTS Speaking: Part 1

Dưới đây là một số bài mẫu về IELTS Speaking Advertisement Part 1.

IELTS Speaking Advertisement: Part 1
IELTS Speaking Advertisement: Part 1

What sorts of commercials do you watch?

There are several types of adverts, ranging from classic to more complex digital ones that you may see when browsing websites or social media. Personally, I like social media advertising since I can view it at my own pace, but television advertisements, for example, are only shown for a few seconds, so I may lose out on essential information. Another advantage of social media advertisements is their innovative and intriguing content, which attracts a lot of attention from netizens. I enjoy reading their responses to the ads because it reinforces my conviction in the product or service’s excellence.

Từ vựng:

  • Ranging from st to st: từ… đến…
  • Browsing websites: truy cập các website
  • At my own pace: theo tốc độ của tôi
  • Innovative: tiến bộ, đổi mới
  • Intriguing content: nội dung hấp dẫn 
  • Netizens: cư dân mạng
  • Reinforce: tăng cường  
  • Conviction: lòng tin

Where do you search for commercials?

Nowadays, advertising may be seen almost wherever. You will almost certainly come across an advertisement, whether in conventional or digital form, wherever you go or on whatever digital platform you use. I mean, it’s now more difficult to avoid commercials than it is to notice them. When you’re commuting, you could see a strange poster placed on a tree or a banner connected to a streetlight. I’m sure you’d see an advertisement every few seconds if you scrolled down your Facebook wall.

Từ vựng:

  • Come across: băng qua
  • Commercials: quảng cáo
  • Scroll down: cuộn xuống

Do you watch commercials from beginning to end?

Only if the advertisements are interesting and offer things that I am interested in. Most of the time, the advertisements I see on social media are simply frauds, showcasing worthless things or services or inflating their usefulness. I ignored the commercials as soon as they appeared. Recently, there have been a wave of adverts on YOUTUBE for drugs that claim to treat everything. They are nothing more than snake oil that dupes people into spending their money, in my opinion.

Từ vựng:

  • Fraud: gian lận, lừa đảo
  • Worthless: vô giá trị
  • Inflate: thổi phồng lên
  • Dupe: lừa đảo

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Advertisement IELTS Speaking: Part 2

Trong IELTS Speaking Part 2, bạn sẽ được giám khảo đưa ra một cue card yêu cầu bạn nói về một chủ đề nào đó trong khoảng 2 phút. Nếu đề bài yêu cầu bạn miêu tả về một quảng cáo, bạn có thể theo dõi những gợi ý sau:

  • Bạn xem quảng cáo này ở đâu và vào lúc nào?
  • Quảng cáo này giới thiệu về sản phẩm/dịch vụ gì?
  • Quảng cáo này có nội dung như thế nào
  • Bạn có cảm nhận gì về quảng cáo này
IELTS Speaking Advertisement: Part 2
IELTS Speaking Advertisement: Part 2

Dưới đây là một bài mẫu bạn có thể tham khảo

I remember watching an advertisement some time ago that stuck with me. I believe I initially saw it at a friend’s place. I was flipping through the stations on his TV when I came across a commercial for a washing machine. It had a fancy-sounding brand name, and I believe it was Chinese. I couldn’t recall anything since my whole concentration was focused on what was happening inside the video clip.

As a result, in the advertisement, a lady was seen loading numerous goods into the washing machine. She took the things out and displayed them on the screen after letting the machine clean them. It was obvious that by the time the washer was done, each of them would be substantially cleaner and shinier. But what made the advertisement stand out was that each object was more wacky than the one before it.

Initially, the woman simply cleaned conventional clothes items, but when she put a crow in the washing machine, the jet black crow transformed into an immaculate white dove! The end result was an incredibly filthy motorbike that was sparkling clean and indistinguishable from a brand new one.

The advertisement amazed me since I’d never seen anything that creative before. Now that I think about it, I have no doubt that the advertisement boosted sales of this washing machine. 

Từ vựng:

  • St stuck with sb: cái gì khiến ai nhớ mãi
  • Flipping through: đi lướt qua
  • Fancy-sounding: nghe có vẻ lạ
  • Wacky: kỳ quặc
  • transformed into: biến thành
  • Immaculate: vô khuẩn
  • Filthy: bẩn

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Advertisement IELTS Speaking: Part 3

Bạn đừng quên tham khảo các bài IELTS Speaking Advertisement Part 3 dưới đây để có những ý tưởng hay khi nói và viết nhé!

IELTS Speaking Advertisement: Part 3
IELTS Speaking Advertisement: Part 3

What factors contribute to the effectiveness of a commercial?

A variety of factors contribute to the effectiveness of advertising. To begin with, the marketing for a given product must be completely relevant and specific in its message while also outlining what exactly distinguishes the product from others in terms of its benefits. Furthermore, for an advertising to be effective, the language or phrase must be tailored to the target audience’s age, gender, ethnicity, culture, religion, and geographic area. Finally, the commercial should have a clear “call to action,” such as inviting the viewer to purchase the goods or contact the company.

Từ vựng:

  • Contribute to: góp phần
  • Distinguish sth from st: phân biệt cái gì với cái gì
  • Tailered: phù hợp

What exactly is the goal of advertising?

There are six main purposes of an advertisement for a given market segment, which include informing consumers about a certain product and convincing customers, changing customers’ beliefs about a certain brand, enhancing the company’s image, pointing out and creating a need for products or services, generating new direct sales, and announcing new products and programs. Some advertising may also seek to highlight new applications for current items while also reminding people to utilize existing products.

Từ vựng: 

  • Convince: thuyết phục
  • Point out: chỉ ra

How has advertising evolved since you were a child?

Advertisements have evolved tremendously since I was a youngster. To begin, when I was a youngster, there were just radio, TV, and print media to show us commercials, but now there are computers, cellphones, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, all of which display advertisements continually. We can also see billboards, neon signs, and other vivid and visually engaging printed designs that are strategically placed in high-traffic areas, something I did not witness as a youngster.

Từ vựng ăn điể

  • mendously: một cách đáng kể
  • Strategically: một cách có chiến thuật
  • High-traffic area: khu vực đông người

Tổng hợp từ vựng Advertisement IELTS Speaking

Ngoài những ý tưởng để triển khai bài nói thì từ vựng cũng là một yếu tố vô cùng quan trọng trong IELTS Speaking Advertisement. Bạn hãy tham khảo list từ vựng đưới đây nhé!

Từ/cụm từNghĩa 
Brand awarenessĐộ nhận diện thương hiệu
TrafficLượng truy cập trang web
Click-through rate Tỷ lệ nhấp chuột vào quảng cáo
Potential customersKhách hàng tiềm năng
Publish great content Tung ra nội dung chất lượng
Grow word of mouth Tăng hiệu ứng truyền miệng
Design eye-catching adverts Thiết kế những ấn phẩm quảng cáo bắt mắt
Promote sales Tăng doanh số bán 
Low-budget marketing ideaÝ tưởng quảng cáo với ngân sách thấp
Create instructional videosTạo các video hướng dẫn
Attract new customersThu hút khách hàng mới
Advertising campaignsChiến dịch quảng cáo
Stay up to date withCập nhật xu hướng
Outdated informationThông tin lỗi thời
Inform customers of promotionsThông báo cho khách hàng về các chương trình khuyến mãi

Thông qua bài viết “Advertisement IELTS Speaking”, Onluyen hy vọng đã giúp bạn trang bị những hành trang cần thiết về từ vựng cũng như ý tưởng để chinh chiến chủ đề nói thú vị này. Bạn đừng quên tham khảo thêm các bài viết của Onluyen để biết thêm nhiều thông tin thú vị về IELTS nhé!

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